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Transponder Key Programming 

We all know that it is not possible to drive a car when the car keys are missing or damaged. If a car key is missing or broken, it is going to be almost an impossible endeavor to get the car going anywhere. An uncommon knowledge when it comes to car keys is that they often need to be programmed to the vehicle in order to start it. A car key that must be accurately programmed in order to function is called a transponder car key. Transponder key programming is what needs to happen if you wish the key to start the vehicle. This is true for most make and models made after the late 90’s.

A transponder car key houses a chip in the head of the key that is able to communicate via a coded signal to the computer within the vehicle. If an incorrect transponder key or a basic metal key without a chip is used in attempting to turn the ignition, the attempt will not be successful. The computer of the vehicle will not recognize the code that it is receiving and in response will reject that particular key. If the computer and key signaling did not occur properly, it would be impossible for a stranger to go about stealing the car.

A transponder key programming must be done to the particular vehicle in question first in order for it to be capable of fully starting the engine. 

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